The Sea Eagle Returns

Book Three
Andy From Orkney

Book Two
Treasure in the Cove

     In the next adventure of ANDY FROM ORKNEY; TREASURE IN THE COVE  Andy, Emma and their Hoy friends go off for a day of exploring at the mighty Cantick Lighthouse and are confronted with an unexpected problem that is larger than they can solve alone.  Once again Nan Meriweather’s second book in the Andy From Orkney series with exciting illustrations by Sholto Walker will delight children and parents of all ages!

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The Magical Island of Hoy
Orkney, Scotland

In that place where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet off the most northern coast of Scotland, lays the magical island of Hoy. It is an ancient island where old stories of magical creatures and fierce Norsemen are told on the long, dark winter nights.  And if you happen to believe in magic you may hear the birds on the cliff's call out to you and the creatures of the land and the sea may befriend you and take you on wonderful adventures over the beautiful fields, hills, and cliffs of Hoy. 


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