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The Team Behind Andy


Sholto Walker














While his name is Scots Gaelic, Sholto was in fact born and brought up by the sea near London, England. As a child he always enjoyed drawing and painting pictures. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art, specializing in painting, he spent time as a London cycle courier before moving to the West of England in 1990. After working as a bicycle mechanic for five years, Sholto began a full-time career as an artist and illustrator.

Since then, Sholto has illustrated widely, with many books, publications and even some awards to his name.

Sholto lives, works and rides his bike near Bath in the beautiful English West Country. He lives with his partner and young son, three bantams and their polydactyl (six toed) cat, Spike.



The story of Andy from Orkney  was inspired in part by the actual Andy #1 bear Nan created in her studio as a gift to her great nephew.   Already requests have been arriving for other Andy’s.


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