August 10, 2019

   OUR LOVELY NEW ANDY BEAR is produced and distributed by Leviathan International, at Pier Head, Stromness, Orkney  T+44 (0) 1856 850395  also available at Emily's, Lyness, Hoy, Orkney 

December 6, 2017

   Hoy is always magical but at Christmas, well, magic is in the air especially for the children. At the moment it may be a bit snowy and chilly but when it clears parents and wee ones are mesmerized by the Northern Lights in the sky and for those of you a bit far...

November 14, 2017

" Guilby why are you so excited?"

"OH Magnus i'ts here!"

"No, no, no Guilby, It's here."

"Ay, that's what I said. I'ts here!!!"

"What's here?"

"THE FIRST EVER  Andy Christmas 'Wee Book'!"


May 24, 2017

          Oh my goodness summer is almost here.  Are you ready to visit Orkney and our Island

of Hoy? First off, Grab your binoculars and join the Sea Watch Foundation this Saturday at Duncansby Head for a week of Orca watching or Cetacean watch...

January 12, 2017

               We all had such an amazing 2016 with Andy From Orkney.  Book One; A New Someone on Hoy found its way into the hands of more families from around the world and in December Book Two, TREASURE IN THE COVE was on the shelves at the Orcadian Bookshop just in...

June 15, 2016



Currently in production   June, 2016

    “Great dark clouds covered the Orkney sky. Wind’s fierce blowing lifted the waves high above the sea and crashed them against the beaches of Hoy.”  “I think this is a good ni...

June 26, 2015


 OLD FRIENDS AND NEW ON HOYare buzzing about.  Friends of Fiona and Fenella have built a nest in the rocks near the beach and are very particular about their privacy. So, when I walk I give their nest a wide berth or risk being dive bombed until I am taught more respe...

May 26, 2015







…Kite twisted and turned and stretched the length of the string tighter and tighter until “SNAP”!


“Oh, no!” cried out Emma.


…..flying full speed up toward the great cliff.

Andy watched Kite sail up, up and up ……..


“Kite has landed on the OLD MAN!”


“Oh , my, “ gasp...

May 4, 2015

“Now, now everyone remain calm.” hooted Magnus. “There have been other new creatures that have come to Hoy.”
“At that moment Wallace and Alastair, two very hardworking border collies who tended Shamus McCallon’s sheep, came dashing into the field.

    “What’s all the...

April 15, 2015


            They are the best of friends and have been since they were hatchlings at Cantick Head on Hoy.  They argue and squabble and scream at one another but wouldn’t leave each other’s side for anything.  Two Arctic terns hatched in a pasture near Cantick Lighth...

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