…Kite twisted and turned and stretched the length of the string tighter and tighter until “SNAP”! “Oh, no!” cried out Emma. …..flying full speed up toward the great cliff. Andy watched Kite sail up, up and up …….. “Kite has landed on the OLD MAN!” “Oh , my, “ gasped Magnus. “Oh, dear,” agreed Ragnor. “Oh, yes indeed,” muttered the others. Ah, yes the fearsome Old Man of Hoy, big, tall scary, sitting in the sea for hundreds of years. Who knew what he might do with Kite? What should the new friends do? The Old Man was more than a wee bit scary to most. But then friends are friends and Andy and the others find courage in their friendship to face the climb up the cliff and the Old Man. Kite’s re

ALASTAIR AND WALLACE meet the beastie.

“Now, now everyone remain calm.” hooted Magnus. “There have been other new creatures that have come to Hoy.” “At that moment Wallace and Alastair, two very hardworking border collies who tended Shamus McCallon’s sheep, came dashing into the field. “What’s all the commotion?” asked Wallace. Alastair and Wallace were always dashing around this way and that looking after sheep. Fiona and Fenella whose agitation had reached a peak, began in spurts of screeching, squabbling screams to describe the horrible beastie creature that had arrived on the Houton ferry that day and had been seen leaving the ferry dock in a car driving toward the glen in Rackwick. (Page 18) While the rest of the

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