Andy and Emma and their wary acquaintances of the first Andy From Orkney book have become devoted friends and are off on a new adventure for a fun day at the great Cantick Lighthouse. They intend to explore ancient relics and sites at Cantick Head but instead end up in a life and death adventure and realizing that they have discovered a problem they cannot solve alone.


Join them on this harrowing adventure and perhaps you can help them solve the problem.

Book Two: 
Treasure in the Cove

A new series, small enough for a Christmas Stocking or a special wee gift.  £6.99 UK  ﹩8.99 US

Has the Old Man of Hoy been forgotten? Find out in the first Andy From Orkney  -Wee Books- series.

Book One:
Andy from Orkney
A New Someone on Hoy

A young Scottish bear Andy and his best friend Emma move to the island of Hoy. Straight away the local animals must decide if they are friend or foe.  In a harrowing adventure that includes a wise old Hoy owl, an irascible ram, two squabbling Arctic terns and a host of other magical characters, they all must face the fearsome Old Man Of Hoy.

 Andy From Orkney Books are available at: 


  • The Orcadian Bookshop 

  • Ye Old Warwick Book Shoppe at 31 Main Street, Warwick, NY

  • On  board shoppe on the MV Hamnavoe

  • Stromness Books and Prints

  • Groats Shop, Longhope

  • Scapa Flow Visitors Center and Museum

  • Pumphouse Cafe, Lyness

  • Northlink Ferries: MV Hamnavoe

    Signed copies available in some locations


Available in Hardcover:

Wee Books are Softcover 

In The UK through The Orcadian.



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