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You are probably an adult and not a child reading this but don’t let that discount the idea. I’m certain at sometime when you were little you made tents in your bedroom or the living room, under the dining room table with blankets, and sheets, pillows, or even sofa cushions, much to your mother’s dismay. WELL NOW, DO IT AGAIN and GRAB A BOOK and maybe a little person or several and a plate of cookies!!!!


I love to read aloud and love even more being read aloud to. At home and in my profession reading aloud was a magical time. Pillows and beanbag chairs, quilts and blankets were all stuffed under a, sometimes, tenuously drooping roof of sheets. A small lamp was plugged in and we created a cozy nook for the next little while. Sometimes we took a small portable record player in our nook and listened to recorded stories. We munched on cookies and listened and giggled and at times were a little sad or afraid. We left the rest of the world outside and created memories within.

Several years ago I was introduced to the great Jim Dale who is the voice of all of the characters in the Harry Potter audiobook series and was mesmerized. No wonder he is a Member of the Order of the British Empire and the recipient of many other awards. I rediscovered the joy of being read to all over again.

So GRAB that BOOK OR AUDIOBOOK snuggle in and enjoy even if you don’t have a tent. Remember that your library is a great place to find audio books for children and adults. In a spontaneous moment you didn’t plan your electronic devices offer many audio selections that can be downloaded instantaneously.

Have fun. Oreos are my favorite UNDER THE TENT COOKIES.


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