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We all had such an amazing 2016 with Andy From Orkney. Book One; A New Someone on Hoy found its way into the hands of more families from around the world and in December Book Two, TREASURE IN THE COVE was on the shelves at the Orcadian Bookshop just in time for Christmas.

Many readers sent lovely comments over the year and asked some great questions about Hoy, Orkney and all of the wonderful creatures living here. And for those of you who are new Andy readers, WELCOME ! ! If you would like to get to know some of the characters in Andy From Orkney, Book One you can check back in earlier blogs and read about them.

THIS YEAR 2017 Andy, Emma and their friends on Hoy are off on a new adventure near Cantick Lighthouse. You will still see some of your friends from Book One and also meet some new really interesting characters; Dagny the seal, one of Guilby's good friends, Bo, a young Orca, his mighty father Thorfinn and his mother Minka, who all live in the oceans around Orkney.

DID YOU KNOW that 70% of the earth's surface is covered by ocean and that the Pentland Firth near Hoy has some of the fastest tides in the world, 30 kilometers pre hour! At night on Hoy we can see the lights of the lighthouses in the distance who help ships navigate the Firth. And of course we have Cantick Lighthouse on Hoy whose light has been shining since 15 July, 1858. You can visit Cantick Light and even stay there over night! If you come keep a watch for Andy, Emma and their friends.

Look for our next blog when Emma will share with you what she has learned in school and by reading on her own about oceans, whales and seals. Before then you can visit some of the sites in the Parents/Teachers section that have lots of information.


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