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Oh my goodness summer is almost here. Are you ready to visit Orkney and our Island

of Hoy? First off, Grab your binoculars and join the Sea Watch Foundation this Saturday at Duncansby Head for a week of Orca watching or Cetacean watching.

Emma has been doing some reading about Bo and his family and discovered that they are cetaceans.


That's right Little Bo and all of his relatives are classified as cetaceans. Their scientific order is

even larger and more interesting 'Even-toed ungulates', their classification is mammalia which includes giraffes and SHEEP and many more.

"Prior studies have indicated that whales, along with dolphins and porpoises, are rather closely related to hoofed mammals with an even number of toes. That group includes pigs, hippos, camels, cows, deer, giraffes and sheep. " Aug 31, 1997

New Genetic Study Links Whale, Cow - latimes

Boy was Ragnor surprised to find out that he was very distantly related to Bo.

You can find more information at

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