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Christmas on Hoy

Hoy is always magical but at Christmas, well, magic is in the air especially for the children. At the moment it may be a bit snowy and chilly but when it clears parents and wee ones are mesmerized by the Northern Lights in the sky and for those of you a bit far from Orkney you can see them on Aurora Watch and the Aurora Group.

A snowy, chilly day on Ward Hill, Hoy

Music is everywhere with fiddles, and bagpipes. If you stop by the tree lighting outside St. Magnus Cathedral you can enjoy the Kirkwall Bagpipe Band. Two special trees arrive each year all the way from Norway in celebration of the twinning relationship and the ancient history Orkney and Norway share. The second tree is placed within the Cathedral where visitors can enjoy lovely concerts.

St Magnus Christmas tree from Norway

Arts and crafts abound throughout Orkney in the small shops and holiday fairs. I just love the knitted hot water bottle cover I bought. It certainly keeps my feet warm in bed.

We mustn't forget all of the wonderful community and parish activities where Santa often makes an appearance. Have a very Merry Christmas.

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