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Halloween with Andy

Now don't fret if you might not be trick or treating or surprising friends and family

with you amazing Halloween costume but let's celebrate! Make up some yummy, gooey treats and something bubbling to drink and put on you costume. Now turn off the lights, cozy up in front of you jack-o-lantern, pick up

your copy of THE SEA EAGLE RETURNS and settle in.

HERE WE GO O O O O O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you walk on an Orkney beach in the Northern Lights, local folk might caution you to be mindful of the sulkies and finfilk who may SNATCH you and take you to their home in the sea and to be diligently on the look out for the malevolent nuckelave lurking about. Yet for over 140 years years no one would have thought to warn you to watch cautiously the sky when passing the Dwarfie Hammers on the lonely road to the Rackwick Glen, UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!


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